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You’re a writer because you love to write, but there’s a whole host of other tasks that need to be completed if you’re to build a successful author career. Fortunately, we can help with those aspect of the process that you’d prefer someone else handled because, believe it or not, some of us actually enjoy formatting ebooks, fixing websites and editing. It takes all sorts, after all!

Most of the services below are provided directly by IndieAuthorPlatform, but, where we don’t have expertise in-house, we also recommend professionals to help you out. We’ve worked with each and every one of these professionals and so recommend them based on personal experience. And they’re all authors, so you can rest assured that they speak your language!

Your Author sidekick

Aside from the writing, there are a thousand and one things that need doing to get your indie author career up and running. Converting your manuscript to ebook format, adding your latest book to your website, joining a group giveaway to build your list, creating graphics for your Facebook Ads or researching how to do something you’ve no interest in doing.

Hire Kev for a fixed number of hours per month – you’d be surprised how much he can get done – then get him to carry out those tasks so you can concentrate on writing.

This package includes all of the tasks listed below on this page (except those provided by third parties), so it’s an easy way to buy in the help you need. It’s a monthly subscription, but you can cancel any time.

Individual Services

Website Fixes

Does your WordPress website need a little TLC? Do you have a new book to add? Email signup form to integrate? Has something gone wrong? Kev’ll fix it.

How much does it cost? It depends on the nature of the job but here’s a few examples:

  • Integrate email signup form: £20 ($25)
  • Add new book to existing site: £25 ($35)
  • Problem diagnosis: £25 ($35)
  • Install and test plugin: £20 ($25)

So, if you need some ad hoc help with your existing site, drop us a line.

Ebook Compiling

Turning your finished manuscript into a ebook ready for uploading to Amazon (and the other retailers) isn’t a black art, but if you’d rather have someone else do it for you, book this service.

Provide us with a document in .doc or .docx format and we’ll send back .mobi and .epub files ready to go.

Paperback Compiling

We’re big fans of Draft2Digital’s excellent paperback formatting service. It’s very straightforward, but if you’d like us to handle it for you, then let us know.

Provide us with a document in .doc or .docx format and we’ll send back a print layout .pdf ready to use with KDP Print, Createspace or Ingram.

Email Marketing Help

We offer comprehensive email marketing services – everything from little tweaks through form creation, creating email campaigns and automations to a complete management service.

Facebook Ads

Need a hand setting up your Facebook Ads? Whether you’re using them to sell more books directly or to add new subscribers to your mailing list, we can handle:

  • Creating an effective ad graphic
  • Setting up your ad
  • Advising on the best choices for ad type
  • Setting up the right custom audience for your aims
  • Advising on copy
  • Monitoring and reporting on performance

Animated Graphics

Perfect for websites, book trailers and social media (including Facebook ads) these animated images are created by applying affects to a still photo or graphic. You supply the image and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send back the video in your choice of format.

trusted partners

These are professionals we’ve personally worked with and trust to recommend. We have no financial arrangement with any of them and are simply recommending them based on our own experience.

Editing Services

Steve Moore

Steve Moore


Proofreading Service: This is when I analyse your document or manuscript line by line and fix any spelling mistakes, typos, repeated words, and any obvious grammatical errors. After I’ve been through the manuscript manually I then run it through the powerful online assistant, Pro Writing Aid. Between me and my virtual companion, we will find 100% of any mistakes in your manuscript.

Copy/Line Editing Service: Every manuscript arrives at a different level of completion, some in quite a raw state, others near perfect. That’s why I first have a cursory run through to establish a fair price point. After agreeing a fee upon consultation with yourself via email, I then analyse the manuscript word by word, line by line. I’m looking for spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical errors, repetitive words, echoed words and phrases, consistency of punctuation, readability (sentence length, paragraph length), cliches, and any other way in which the writing can be improved. I prefer to work from an MS Word document. That way I can switch on the ‘Track Changes’ feature, and you can see everything I have fixed/suggested before you approve it. My fee includes a second pass once you’ve checked it over yourself, but I’m confident that almost always one solid, diligent and painstaking edit will be enough.

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